Garage Angst: My Treasures / Wife’s Junk

If it was up to me, I would not have tackled the outer garage today.  It was my wife’s idea.  She is an angel (not literally) … and we have had this discussion before, somewhat paraphrased below, between my wife (the angel) and me (the non-angel): The Angel:  I want to get the outer garage […]

Your Shoes? No, I Have Not Walked In Them

Two guys, friends, walking down a road … to a place called Emmaus (uh-may-Us) … thinking through, talking through, some crazy stuff that … stuff that had brought about disruption.   With authenticity in their discourse, no comments were made like “Oh, I know how you feel …”, or “You think that’s tough, you should hear […]

Road Trip Dreams

Currently on the road, with the FAM, unpredictable experiences: especially when we head down to the South, a two-day trip.  Bad coffee from … whatever name you choose (service stations, convenience stores, travel centers); restroom stops; continually asking the continual question “Where are we?” … Accents change; scenery changes; architecture changes, climate changes, and I […]

“Unfortunately, Sir, You’re Not Good Enough”

Truth trumps lies.  Lies are powerful, powerful enough to come out in the lead.  So, what trumps what? Truth?  Or lies? I wrote a post, February 16, 2013, “Fata Morgana, Men and Elusive Strength”… … I first heard of this concept, referred to as “Phantom Morgana“, from a New Zealander, in Antarctica.   Its […]


“The problem is not that we ask for too much … but that we do not ask for enough.” Some souls “settle” for less than what they should.  Passion plays a part in this drama.  In the movie “The Edge”, billionaire Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) and photographer Bob Green (Alec Baldwin) are being stalked / […]