Signing Off For Short Sabbatical

Difficult to put something down, or to step away, from an experience that has been so fulfilling, so meaningful.  I ran this idea past an older mentor couple of weeks ago, that I was thinking of discontinuing my blogging.  He looked at me like I was crazy, and then asked “So, let met get this […]

Forgiveness: It is NOT “Cut-&-Dry”

In the thick of a writing session, working on a dialog, I took (what I thought was) a wrong direction … For me, this is part of the writing life.  Sometimes its decent; sometimes its crap. Two guys have a fairly well-established friendship of six to seven years.  Time rolls on, and they stay in […]

Good Words From Another Blogger: Women Who Let Men Be Men

The following are excerpts from an excellent post written by Sierra Lassila.  I originally found this post “re-blogged” on “Disciple’s Perspective”.  Here are some of Sierra’s words. Has our inability as women to walk in femininity resulted in the quenching of men’s ability to walk in masculinity? … Here’s what I am trying to […]

Thankfulness: Its Not Just My Imagination

“Pretender”: that is one way I can get by.  In my years of walking, sitting, listening, growing, with recovering drug addicts I have heard many mantras: “Fake it ’till you make it.”  What is this, a paradox?  “Fake it”?  What about authenticity?  There it is, a glimpse of the entanglement of identifying what is what, […]

A Man Laments; Then He Hopes

Several . . .   winters ago, standing on my merciless, hellishly steep, snowed-in driveway, I screamed a yawp of rage and defiance:   I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS ! !  (Picture of John Belushi) ( It’s a 90-foot driveway, dangerous,  slippery, curving.  Once or twice a year I get fed up with […]

Top Ten Tips For Parents

Originally posted on mother of nine9:
My Philosophy : Advice from a relatively sane, joyful mother of nine children. 1.Focus on the joy of parenting, not on the activities you are giving up to raise a family. 2.Treat little children like people, albeit little people, with respect for their feelings, likes, dislikes and personalities.Listen to…