Possibilities Worthy of Consideration

Is it possible … That I might be wrong?  That I might be right?  Sometimes we sense something; we see something; we realize something, and we don’t want to be right … Or we don’t want to be wrong;  That I am really THAT loveable?  Likeable, yes … I understand that.  But truly, full-blown and […]

A Jungle Out There

Tarzan once said “It’s a jungle out there.”  Tarzan also said “Don’t let go of vine.” (Invaluable Safety Tip!) There are not too many Tarzan quotes . . . he was a man of few words.  But Tarzan was right: it is a jungle out there.  alleywatch.com An American anthropologist, Margaret Mead, said: “Of all […]

Fellow From the Past

‘Stood below the six-foot mark; somewhere between 150 and 200; hair, eyes, the color of a muskrat; a recipient of a few psychological  issues he did not ask for, one example being intermittent manic symptoms, with sting-like swings into melancholy.  He was in his mid-thirties, and never considered himself an extrovert;  but communicating with folks in […]

Tree House Hope

My last post about the tree house was called “Tree House Dilemma” (June 4, this year).  A dilemma … because at that time forest fires were hitting hard here, and the thought of me building a tree house amidst uncertainty due to forest fires appeared to be a battle with logic.  Should I keep going? The tree house […]

Low … Frustration-Tolerance Men

Big things do not drive a man over the edge: not the death of a relative; not the loss of a job.  Its the little things: the repetitive “talking-back” from a son; the snap of the shoelaces when there is no more time. The movie “Falling Down”, the protagonist is William Foster, portrayed by Michael […]