Wilder Man Dad: Thankfulness?

RECENTLY … I listened to Harry Chapin’s song, “Cat’s In The Cradle”.  Man-O-Man!  What a song!  I remember my dad and I in the car; me – – – just out of high school, and “Cat’s In The Cradle” came on the radio.  Dad’s face pensive as we listened to the words.  After the song, his […]

The Boys are Asking Questions

Hey, Guys … I have wanted to write this post for a while.  This is for men; this is for the sons who need good men to be in their life; this is for women who can encourage men as they feel led.  And just as importantly: this is for the young people in our […]

The Duke: Up Ahead On the Trail

“Talk low, talk slow and don’t say much.”  John Wayne An image emerges: John Wayne and a young buck ride on their horses into “an unknown”.  John Wayne, also known as “The Duke”, keeps his eyes on the trail looking for what is ahead, while speaking to the younger one, who … in The Duke’s […]

Man Feels Weak: Let Him Speak …

Man, do you feel weak?  Speak.  You won’t be redirected, no solutions expected. Wisdom released, Men seeking peace, “Find your voice!” Yet, be cautious with your choice.” ‘Makes sense, “Negativity … nonsense.” Positive: the way to go,  let your success show … Show the world, show your friends … you are the one that shines […]

Men … Thought and Life … WATCHOUT !

“Life” is connected to “live”… OK.  “Live” is connected to “living”… OK.  “Living is the opposite of “death” … OK.  BUT … one can be living and experiencing death, at the same time … How I think, and therefore What I offer, will exude life, or death.  What I offer my son will exude life […]

Men Who Write

Downtown Denver.  I was in my early twenties.  A great deal of building was going on at that time, early morning music of compressors, hydraulic drills, construction workers whistling from way above the concrete at women  on their way to work … I started writing around 7am, sounds  breezing in with cool morning air through a 2-3 inch opening of […]